100 Best Interesting Research Paper Topics in 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

Writing a research topic may be a complicated assignment for students. What makes it more entertaining is that you can choose any topic you wish, huh? Isn’t it a crackerjack experience to have the freedom to tell about anything that interests or bothers you? Nevertheless, it surely can be a baffling task as the choice is too broad – you can pick ANY question in the world. Here you can find some guidance on how to formulate a good topic and a lot of ready-to-use ideas to start writing your research paper immediately.

3 Tips on How to Choose a Good Topic For Interesting Research

First of all, while having such a wide selection, you have to decide which scope are you willing to write about. Of course, it will be beneficial if you are genuinely keen on it. This will make your writing experience pleasant and avoid stress.

After deciding on a sphere of interest, you need to pick a specific side of it. Again, think of what attracts you most. Choose one aspect and this can already be your topic. You can also go further and add some directives. How did this aspect emerge? How did it develop through the years? What is the impact of a chosen aspect on its field and society in general? What’s its future? Why is it important? Remember to be neither too general nor too confined.

Finally, be realistic about your knowledge basis. It is okay to be engaged in anything that fascinates you but it may not always be enough to write a smash research paper. If you have too little lore to elaborate on, you may find yourself in a losing situation.

20 Best Interesting Research Paper Topics 2021

  1. The strategy of achieving peace between nature and technology
  2. What is the future of religions in the world?
  3. Difficulties of coming out to parents
  4. Is it true that men are from Mars and women from Venus? Why?
  5. Why there are more people with mental issues nowadays than ever before?
  6. Is it possible to buy happiness?
  7. Does the Internet provide a person with more friends and a feeling of belonging or more loneliness?
  8. Is it a good idea to force children to read?
  9. Why is it so hard for older people to understand new technologies?
  10. Why do people have phobias?
  11. Reasons for addiction to drugs and alcohol
  12. Is there any unambiguous formula to become a successful businessman?
  13. Do you need to be a bit nuts to become a genius?
  14. Why are we becoming less and less religious?
  15. Is online studying equally effective to the class studying?
  16. How is Generation Z different from millennials?
  17. What is the best education system?
  18. Why are some people still anti-feminists?
  19. Everyday habits that can help save the environment
  20. Why do teens prone to have ADHD?

20 Smart Topics For Interesting Research Papers

  1. The most influential invention of the past decade and its impact on our future
  2. The secret of Elon Musk’s success
  3. Is the treatment of serious diseases (HIV/AIDS, cancers) in fact profitless for big healthcare companies?
  4. Human rights vs proper punishment: is the death penalty justified?
  5. The impact of a high number of immigrants on the state
  6. Humane ways of coping with overpopulation
  7. Ways and challenges of Mars colonization
  8. Are technology improvements contradictory?
  9. The philosophy of modern art
  10. Worst decisions in the Supreme Court of the USA
  11. Is it fair to “westernize” all world?
  12. Effectiveness of the alternative methods of treatment
  13. Is it possible to experience the fourth dimension? Why?
  14. How to stop terrorist attacks in the USA?
  15. Why the gap between the rich and the poor is constantly growing?
  16. Is it possible to use only alternative energy in the whole world?
  17. The challenge of being a teenager: why being a teenager is so hard?
  18. Why does consumerism gain momentum?
  19. The greatest breakthrough of medicine in the XXI century
  20. Can future robots have empathy?

20 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Health

  1. Health trends in the USA
  2. Neurological disorders: public health challenges
  3. A prevention strategy for infectious diseases in the USA
  4. There’s no health without mental health: psychosomatic background of illnesses
  5. The impact of stress on the emersion and deterioration of diseases
  6. Stages of diseases and their treatment (disease or a group of diseases of your choice)
  7. Health and health behavior among young people
  8. Cultural diversity in health and illness
  9. Equity and equality in health and health care
  10. The process of adjustment to a physical illness
  11. The contribution of the World Health Organization to a new public health
  12. Most common causes of diseases in the XXI century
  13. Alternative methods of treatment: false hope or cure?
  14. Social determinants of health
  15. The system of preventive medicine in the USA
  16. Attitude to diseases in different cultures
  17. E-health as a new sphere to worry about in the XXI century
  18. Idiopathic diseases and theories about their causes
  19. Physical activity as a preventive method for cardiovascular diseases
  20. Rehabilitation of disabled people

20 Easy But Interesting Research Paper Topics

  1. Why do people prefer IOS over Android?
  2. Impact of art on a personality
  3. What forces a trend to go viral?
  4. Is reading books outdated nowadays?
  5. Why is Game of Thrones so popular?
  6. Reasons of procrastination
  7. What are the stereotypes you experience yourself? Why? Are they true?
  8. Who is a better pet, a cat or a dog?
  9. Why do people like black humor?
  10. How do we communicate non-verbally?
  11. How to cope with social anxiety?
  12. What is the best social network? Why?
  13. Are luxurious brands overrated?
  14. Do affirmations work?
  15. Why do people post so much on Instagram?
  16. Does the Internet make us generally smarter or dumber?
  17. Do we need a school uniform? Why?
  18. Cancellation culture vs freedom of speech: is it fair to cancel celebrities?
  19. How do beauty standards affect society?
  20. How can parents accidentally traumatize their children?

20 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Politics

  1. Which political system is the best? Why?
  2. The success of socialism in Scandinavian countries
  3. Reasons and results of communism loss to capitalism?
  4. Collisions in the international law system and ways of coping with them
  5. New political trends in the era of globalization
  6. Intergovernmental organizations and supranational unions and their role in the interstate politics
  7. The influence of the II World War on the politics (or choose any other historical event)
  8. Forms of government and their historical background
  9. Impact of the theory of Karl Marx on the world (or any other political theory of your choice)
  10. How culture affects politics: the case of the USA
  11. Who was the best president of the USA? Why?
  12. War vs diplomacy: what way of communication is more effective in achieving national interests
  13. History of the contest between political parties in the USA
  14. Radical political movements and their future
  15. Which party system is the best for presenting social interests?
  16. What are the most important political values?
  17. Democracy de jure: the real state of democracy in the USA
  18. National interests as the solid for state politics
  19. Challenges set by Covid-19 to national politics
  20. Morality as the basis for modern politics

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