100 Best Social Issues Research Paper Topics in 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

Social issues are the problems, which we have in our society. They are connected to numerous scopes of our life such as personal life, economics, warfare, family, and many others. No wonder that choosing a topic for a research paper about a social issue (obviously, it is a daunting challenge to successfully elaborate on several) can be a puzzling task. Don’t hesitate to look through our tips on how to choose a perfect topic or simply pick any of the listed below – they are here for you!

3 Tips on How to Choose a Good Topic For Social Issues Research

First of all, make sure that your topic is well-aimed. It is hard to elaborate on a topic if it’s too broad or narrow. Think of consulting with your teacher to compose a topic or use one from the lists below.

What is more, it is always a good idea to write about something, which touches the strains of your soul, especially when it comes to social issues. No doubts that you or your relatives experienced some of them or there are specific issues in your area. Don’t be afraid to pick a topic that you are concerned about, even if it doesn’t seem to be urgent. All social issues are important!

Last but not least, consider the given time to write a research paper and your skills. Some topics may be more difficult than others, which means that it will take more time to write a paper about them or you may not have enough basic knowledge solid for some.

20 Interesting Social Issues Research Paper Topics 2021

  1. Taliban as a deadly problem for women in Afghanistan
  2. The dilemma of opening borders for immigrants and refugees
  3. Transgenders and sports: should transgenders be allowed to participate in competitions? If yes, how should they be divided into gender categories, into the one they’ve belonged before transition or to the one they identify themselves into? Why?
  4. Modern feminism: positive and negative effects on the problem of gender inequality
  5. Cyber-bullying as a new challenge to teenagers
  6. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. How to break this vicious circle?
  7. Ageism: are people indeed too young or too old to do something?
  8. Debt bondage as a negative effect of capitalism
  9. Obligatory vaccination: a crucial step to overcome the pandemic or violation of human rights
  10. The challenge of globalization to societies and cultures
  11. Modern slavery in the third-world countries
  12. Sexual harassment in workplaces
  13. Bikeshedding as a way to deteriorate existent social issues
  14. Hate crimes – the consequence of discrimination
  15. Negative impacts of fashion on peoples mental state
  16. The impact of the beauty industry on susceptible society groups
  17. Problems connected to the illegality of abortions
  18. Race and perceptions of police misconduct
  19. Patriarchy as the source of toxic masculinity
  20. Animal rights and human obligations

20 Smart Topics For Social Issues Research Paper

  1. Why should governments raise awareness of climate change and its effects on the planet?
  2. Health care availability: state of the problem, programs, and improvements to be made in your country
  3. Fast fashion as the reason why the labor in China, India, and Bangladesh is so cheap
  4. Tricks of corporate accountability: the case of DuPont; Ford (or any other of your choice)
  5. “Theory of broken windows” and crime rates
  6. Emerging social issues due to coronavirus pandemic
  7. The problem of indigenous rights in the USA
  8. Mental health and increasing speed of life
  9. The power of TNC over states
  10. The problem of nuclear weapons
  11. What should be the socially fair system of taxation?
  12. Rights of ethnic minorities (in a country of your choice)
  13. Social issues that are emerging after wars and conflicts
  14. Propaganda and manipulation of voters
  15. Nationalism as a response to globalization
  16. Immigrant rights are human rights
  17. How recessions become depressions
  18. The value of civility
  19. Mass extinctions and their aftermath
  20. Cyberspace and new social issues

20 Serious Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Age of consent: why does it differ from country to country and what age should be considered the most appropriate?
  2. Alcohol and drug abuse in parents as the source of heavy childhood trauma
  3. How to deal with the rising number of immigrants without harming social systems within a country?
  4. Access to education in poor countries as one of the means to overcome poverty
  5. Child welfare in warzones
  6. The problem of information security
  7. Monopolies and their effect on society
  8. Public debt as a threat to political stability
  9. Religious sects as a destabilizing factor in societies
  10. Occupational stress as a consequence of capitalism
  11. Depression, eating disorders, and other deadly effects of unachievable beauty standards
  12. When social issues become strategic
  13. How the criminalization of poverty affects homeless people
  14. Reasons for islamophobia and anti-immigrant attitudes
  15. Sexism in religions
  16. Crime and its impact on communities
  17. The relationship between land use and climate change
  18. Inadequate rehabilitation of ex-prisoners
  19. Illegitimate child labor and child rights
  20. Illusory freedoms of modern life

20 Easy Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Methods of preventing poverty and homelessness
  2. Racial discrimination as the most serious social issue in the USA
  3. The problem of LGBT discrimination
  4. Reasons of emergence and consequences of bullying in schools
  5. How poor health awareness can lead to obesity in children
  6. Lack of resources: a fair way to divide water and food between the developed, developing, and poor countries.
  7. The problem of environmental racism
  8. Reducing exhaust fumes and other ways to improve air quality
  9. Ways to protect animal rights
  10. Negative effects of consumerism
  11. Means to reduce crime
  12. Violation of civility norms as a serious social issue
  13. Cronyism in power structures
  14. Sexism and its negative impact on women
  15. Unemployment rates and ways of reducing it
  16. The role of nonprofit organizations in dealing with social issues (pick one social issue or organization)
  17. Government programs to improve the condition of “problem neighborhoods”
  18. Should weapons be banned: gun violence vs human rights
  19. Reasons and ways of coping with alcohol and drug abuse
  20. Social issues in sports

20 Acute Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Abortion as an integral part of human rights
  2. The moral dilemma of dealing with overpopulation: human rights vs lack of resources
  3. Death penalty as a crime against human rights
  4. Impact of political instability on societies
  5. Reducing income gap: steps to be taken by the government
  6. Terrorism and ways of dealing with it
  7. Gun culture
  8. Anti-Muslim sentiment in western countries and the USA
  9. Race, gender, and sexuality in Christianism
  10. The problem of justification of the use of deadly force in police officers
  11. Suffering from toxic masculinity: men’s and women’s perspective
  12. Corruption in the USA and its effect on society
  13. Indifference to people’s struggle as a form of impairment of social issues
  14. The societal perspective of climate change
  15. Ways to improve criminal justice errors
  16. Governments’ support to drug trafficking
  17. The present and future of human-caused extinctions
  18. Food security as the new-old challenge
  19. Are high-interest loans predatory?
  20. Hunger in Africa and means to overcome it

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