100 Best Sociology Research Paper Topics in 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

Many people are confused when they need to choose topics for a sociology research paper. We understand that it is critically significant to choose interesting topics for your academic research. The reason for this is that the whole process will turn into a nightmare if you choose a boring topic. Additionally, it feels great when you write the piece that gets the highest score, and teachers (or professors) praise your work.

Our team created this list of research topics so you would have the outline of ideas to write amazing academic research. This article consists of several categories so it would be easier for you to navigate. So, it is all with the introduction. We hope that you will find an interesting topic.

3 Tips on How to Choose a Good Topic For Sociology Research

It would be strange to start talking about a good topic for sociology research without giving you clear instructions about how to choose them. In this section, we want to tell you three amazing tips that will be useful for you during your school and college years.

  • We recommend firstly to think about modern social issues. Check out news, browse social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… ), or ask people around you.
  • If you are unable to pinpoint the one topic that you are interested in we recommend choosing from 5 to 10 research topics that you are interested in working with.
  • After that conduct a small research and check out for information about the topic. We don’t recommend you working with a topic that has little to no information about it on the web. On the other hand, it will be a pain in the ass to work with a project that has too much information. You will meet with the plagiarism issues and that you have nothing new to uncover. Members of our team believe that it is critical to find a topic that has not too little and not too much information about it.

20 Interesting Sociology Research Paper Topics 2021

  1. The stress of the freshman in the collages
  2. The demographics of an average college student in the U.S.
  3. Should every student have access to free medical services?
  4. How does Instagram affect human self-esteem?
  5. How do kids feel during the divorce?
  6. Meritocracy in the contemporary world
  7. How does same-gender marriage affect children?
  8. The problems with the people stigmatization
  9. Why do couples break up?
  10. How does the nation affect career development?
  11. Is homeschooling good for children?
  12. The issues with school uniforms for children
  13. Causes of teenage pregnancy and how to deal with it
  14. Why are teenagers so aggressive?
  15. How do modern communication technologies affect children’s education?
  16. Teenagers: adults or just kids?
  17. How to deal with economic disparity?
  18. Can a distant relationship stay for a considered amount of time?
  19. The issue with organ transplantation
  20. The issues with vaccination

20 Smart Topics For Sociology Research Paper

  1. The tobacco addiction and why cigarettes are not prohibited?
  2. How does the addition of family members affect others?
  3. The gender issues in the modern world
  4. The plus and cons of the prison system?
  5. Why are there fewer people in the most developed countries?
  6. The mass shooting and gun control issues?
  7. Why do so many veterans end their lives?
  8. Modern-day consumerism and its effect on the people life
  9. The cancel culture issue
  10. How does Twitter affect a person’s mood?
  11. The beauty industry and how Instagram affects it?
  12. Why has TikTok become so popular?
  13. Why do more and more people feel lonely in the modern world?
  14. Fake reality and Social Media
  15. Sexual harassment issues in Hollywood?
  16. The legalization issue of same-sex marriages across the United States states
  17. How can the parent prevent early pregnancy?
  18. Genders roles in the family during the modern times
  19. Why are modern people so mentally fragile?
  20. How do dating apps affect modern dating?

20 Serious Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. How does fake news affect the elections?
  2. How does online learning change the education industry?
  3. The BLM movement and its effect on the general unconscious?
  4. The ethics behind the creation of artificial intelligence
  5. Why is the industry booming right now?
  6. How one parent household affects the people
  7. What is the correlation between race and prosperity?
  8. Why do people become patriots?
  9. How to racial stereotypes affects people’s psyche
  10. Does nationality correlate with later success in life?
  11. The rise of introverts in the modern world
  12. The internet and how children become millionaires?
  13. The effect of child content on younger generations
  14. Does social status violate human rights?
  15. The religious cults and modern law system
  16. Gender stereotypes and the change of human rights?
  17. Computer games addiction
  18. The influence of romantic comedies on woman
  19. The difference between millennials and gen z populations?
  20. The anorexia and the role of social media in it

20 Easy Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. The fake reality in the social media
  2. How has social media changed photography?
  3. Political technologies and their influences on human life
  4. Why are people less communicative in verbal form?
  5. Why do the rich people flee from western democracies?
  6. The agreeableness and ability to suffer
  7. How does teamwork affect interpersonal skills?
  8. Why do humans think stereotypically?
  9. Why do Italians articulate so much?
  10. The challenges of modern families
  11. The cost of education and its effects on young adults
  12. Do politics have a patriarchal nature to them?
  13. Why are modern people so narcissistic?
  14. The unreal expectations for dating candidate
  15. Gay rights in the developing world
  16. Why do people hate nuclear energy?
  17. Is YouTube going to destroy the traditional television
  18. The problems of ethics minorities in the United States
  19. How does the American infrastructure cause child obesity?
  20. The pros and cons of Obama care

20 Acute Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. The food trends in the modern world
  2. How does the canceled culture affect our lives?
  3. The effect of music on teenage behavior
  4. How the lifestyle determines the music genres
  5. The effect of globalization on art
  6. Why modern trends in art
  7. How the patriarchate formed modern societies?
  8. How the gender roles changed this the flee of time
  9. How the radical left changed the humanity sciences
  10. Modern feminism in the developed countries
  11. Why the sports culture among the youth
  12. How the bullying affects the person life
  13. Why did hipster culture die?
  14. The minimalism trend in the modern world
  15. How the music affect a person mood
  16. Why do more and more youth like to be part of radical groups
  17. How do bullies find their prayers?
  18. Why is it challenging for a parent to understand their kids?
  19. The changes of youth correlations the previous several years
  20. How do strict parents affect their kids?

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