100 Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics in 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

Do you need to create a criminal justice research paper but feel stuck with choosing an interesting subject? Check out for our 100 successful criminal justice topics and get inspired for your writing immediately! In this article, we have gathered only the most eye-catching subjects to grab the readers’ attention. Seek help from expert writers if you need hands-on assistance with your paper fast.

3 Tips on How to Choose a Topic For Criminal Justice Research

Are you confused about how to create a successful criminal justice research paper? Check out these effective tips that will be quite helpful:

  1. Choose a successful subject. If your teacher or professor provided you with a topic for your future work, then you have less work to do. But if you need to pick a topic for your paper, this can be a real challenge. First of all, define the type of your essay. Think about something that would be interesting for you to write about.
  2. Create a detailed outline of your work. If you want to make a good essay, you need to organize all your thoughts before writing. You must know what you are going to write about, and what to place in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. That’s why you have to write an outline that will help you to create a logical and solid work fast.
  3. Check your paper thoroughly. When you have finished writing your work, you may think you have already completed your assignment, but this is wrong. You still have a lot of work to do with checking your paper. Don’t start this process right after you have finished writing, just put it off for several hours to refresh your mind and eyes. Then sit down, and read your essay aloud slowly to catch and correct mistakes.

20 Interesting Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics 2021

  1. System in prisons: problems and ways to develop
  2. Why are men get more capital punishment compared to women?
  3. Reasons and motifs of kidnapping and how to prevent it
  4. Main principles on preventing a crime
  5. Keeping a gun at home: the main features
  6. What is cybercrime and how to prevent it?
  7. Crime in the Internet: how to find hackers
  8. Which laws set parental abduction?
  9. Criminal justice in mass media
  10. Is it right to register sex offenders?
  11. Describe the theory of rational choice for the contemporary world
  12. The problem of sexual assault in modern society
  13. How is the jury selected?
  14. The latest news from experimental criminology
  15. Areas of wildlife crime and how to prevent it
  16. Corruption and organized crime
  17. The main ways to prevent corruption
  18. How can special services help a crime victim?
  19. Violence and rape in prisonsL reasons and ways to stop this
  20. What are the main reasons for corruption?

20 Smart Topics For Criminal Justice Research Paper

  1. Modern criminal justice: functions and features
  2. How to prevent crimes?
  3. Who are the main victims of domestic abuse?
  4. The main ways to protect witness of crime
  5. How to prevent the rape?
  6. Why are murderers born?
  7. How to protect children from online rape?
  8. Differences between criminal and civil cases
  9. How to prevent murders?
  10. Why do thefts steal things and money?
  11. Criminal justice and ethics
  12. Which problems can be solved by law enforcement?
  13. How modern technologies help in preventing terrorism?
  14. What is terrorism and how do terrorist appear?
  15. The main characteristics of terrorists
  16. The main types of serial killers
  17. Why do so many teenagers use drugs?
  18. When does aggressive behavior occur with criminal things?
  19. Are the community corrections for teenagers effective?
  20. The main types of punishments

20 Serious Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. When is the unwanted arrest legal?
  2. The main characteristics of human trafficking
  3. The role of newest technologies in a criminal research
  4. Murder, homicide, and manslaughter: the main differences and similar things
  5. The classification of murders
  6. Gun control in various countries
  7. Rights of rape victims
  8. Are female crimes and male crimes the same?
  9. The problems of modern prisons in poor countries
  10. Causes of victimization and how to prevent it
  11. Justice system: the main features
  12. Which problems do problem-solving courts decide?
  13. The history of criminal courts
  14. The main motivations for crimes
  15. Why are gangs dangerous?
  16. Is it difficult to work as a criminologist?
  17. The main reasons for capital punishment
  18. The problems of youth and criminal justice
  19. Why do so many young people become killers?
  20. Why do people commit suicides?

20 Easy Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. How does a drug court work?
  2. Criminal justice in various countries
  3. Capital punishment: pros and cons
  4. The rights of criminals and prisoners
  5. What is a criminal rehabilitation program?
  6. Religious crimes: how are the murderers punished?
  7. Code of ethics in criminal justice
  8. Compare criminal justice in two different states in the US.
  9. Is stealing papers a serious crime?
  10. How do prosecution laws work?
  11. Crime systems: the main classifications
  12. How to protect children from cyberbullying?
  13. Why are some crimes still unsolved?
  14. Is it legal to use marijuana in the US?
  15. What is the justice model?
  16. How to solve the problem with drugs?
  17. Laws for the juvenile justice system
  18. How to test students for drugs?
  19. What is gun control and how to apply it?
  20. How to stop children’s pornography?

20 Ideas of Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Why does extradition isn’t fair?
  2. Sexual violence and criminal justice
  3. Death penalty: reasons and causes
  4. Is there a connection between race and crime?
  5. Sex offenders and public records
  6. What are the causes of bad parenting?
  7. How to protect kids from sex assaults?
  8. Sociopaths and murderers: is there a connection?
  9. Police brutality: does it exist?
  10. What are the ways to reduce crimes?
  11. Is there a connection between crime and a social class?
  12. The main areas of criminal justice
  13. How do criminalists work with witnesses?
  14. What is criminal justice?
  15. Why do some criminals cannot be punished?
  16. Prisons in the USA: hell or heaven?
  17. How to investigate a murger?
  18. Why do people start to steal?
  19. How do children become serial killers?
  20. Criminal justice: methodology and the main criterias

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