How to Write an Introduction to a Research Paper?

Updated: October 13, 2021

The research paper is work aimed at gathering information and conducting research that expands existing knowledge. There are several types of research and development. These are applied, search, and fundamental, creative research works. The work is performed under the supervision of a teacher. Some students and applicants for a scientific degree will have to face writing a master’s thesis and such a task as research and development. But no one knows how to write this research paper introduction at a university. Well, apart from us, of course.

It’s time to share this valuable information with you. What is a research paper at the institute for? A research paper is the same scientific work as all the others (abstract, report, diploma, laboratory). Like all of them, a research paper is intended for those eager to get to the bottom of things and phenomena, want to understand and analyze some natural phenomena, and intends to make some kind of discovery themselves. The research paper is the process of comprehending knowledge, conducting research.

Correct and Competent Spelling of the Introduction. Where to Start and How to Finish?

The structural elements of written research papers are title page, table of contents, list of conditional abbreviations, introduction, central part, conclusion, list of references, auxiliary, applications. Introduction, body chapters, conclusion, bibliography, indexes and appendices should start on a new page and have a heading in capital letters or bold. Paragraphs, clauses and subclauses are arranged in order one after the other. For the research work to be successful, the research topic must be relevant personally for the performer, relating to the future production area of activity.

What is Reflected in the Introduction Section?

Justification of the relevance of the research work proves the importance, modernity, and the need for the research results. This is a model of the desired result of the research. It is also essential to indicate the specific tasks of the research paper introduction to be solved during the entire work.

4 Steps to Writing a Good Research Introduction

It is necessary to justify the choice of your topic, consistently and competently disclose the relevance, draw up an outline for research paper structure and analyze the literature used. Taking these steps will significantly increase the chances of overestimating the final estimate. There is even the possibility that after reading a perfectly written research paper introduction, reviewers will not pay attention to the main text and the conclusion. Therefore, the researcher should focus all his attention on the writing of the research paper introduction.

Writing an Introduction Starts with an Introductory Word

Undoubtedly, the rationale for choosing your topic is one of the main points of the research paper introduction, you can conditionally call it “introduction to the introduction.” It is with its writing that a good introduction should begin, which will impress both the supervisor and all kinds of reviewers.

For many novice authors who are first faced with writing scientific papers, the first problems begin with the introductory word. What is this introductory word, and how to make it up correctly? The introductory word plays the role of support from which further description should begin. Without it, the introduction will be incomplete since you cannot start the story immediately with relevance or a description of goals and objectives.

If you do not have an introductory word, then the inspectors may have unnecessary and unpleasant questions that will cause you a lot of trouble during the protection. The introductory word, as a rule, consists of two or three pages of plain text, which in its content fully reveals the problematics of your topic.

Fixing the Problem, Relevance and Practical Significance

You must define the object and subject of a research paper, indicate the research’s purpose and objectives, and briefly list the work methods. All of the above components of the introduction should be interconnected with each other.

The research paper introduction begins with formulating a problem that contributes to the determination of the direction in the organization of research and represents knowledge, not about the immediate objective reality but the state of knowledge about this reality. By posing a problem, the researcher answers the question, what needs to be learned from what has not been studied before? In the process of formulating a problem, it is essential to ask questions and identify contradictions.

In addition to the object and subject of research, the introduction should clearly define the purpose and objectives of the research. The study’s goal is understood as the final, scientific and practical results that should be achieved as a result of its implementation. Research tasks represent all the sequential stages of organizing and conducting research from beginning to end.

An essential point in the work is formulating a hypothesis, which should be a logical, scientifically grounded, quite probable assumption that requires special proof for its final approval as a theoretical position.

A hypothesis is considered scientifically sound if it meets the following requirements:

  • Does not include too many provisions.
  • Does not contain ambiguous concepts.
  • Goes beyond the simple registration of facts.
  • Explanation and prediction, asserting specifically a new thought, idea.
  • Verifiable and applicable to a wide range of phenomena.
  • Does not include value judgments.
  • Has the correct stylistic design.

Disclosure of Basic Concepts and Research Problems

There should be no questions here. You just point out the main problem of the research paper and define the essential concepts with which you will work. You must show the features of the interaction of the main object of your research with the outside world. This is an essential question that can show your level of understanding of your chosen topic. Used graphs, diagrams, diagrams, tables should be used in the course of the presentation of the material. It is better to place additional information in applications. All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals within the section.

After determining the relevance, it is necessary to determine the object and subject of research. In the literature, you can find the interpretation of the concept of the object of research in two meanings. First, the object of research is interpreted as a process towards which cognition or a phenomenon that generates a problem situation and is selected for study is directed. Secondly, the object is understood as the carrier of the phenomenon under study. For example, some authors distinguish representatives of a particular social group as objects of research.

The research subject is more specific and gives an idea of how an object’s new relationships, properties or functions are considered. The subject sets the boundaries of scientific research within the framework of a specific study. In addition to the object and subject of research, the research paper introduction should clearly define the purpose and objectives of the research.

Think Well and Work Out the Conclusion of Your Research Paper Introduction

It is essential to correctly sum up the work done, describe its merits, and determine further paths in the chosen area. Like any other part of the research paper introduction, the conclusion requires adherence to the structure of the presentation from general to specific. The introductory part is a short introduction to the problem that this study addresses.

The conclusions obtained during the implementation of the student’s practical work are presented. In the final part, the author’s suggestions for improving the object of study are presented, and the practical significance of the author’s research work is substantiated.

An Simple Example of Writing an Introduction to Scientific Work

A topic about the problem of moral values in modern politics.  “The main difference between morality and other organizational and control spheres is that morality does not have material forms, does not materialize in administrative apparatus, institutions of power, does not have a control center and means of communication and is reflected only in language, speech and social behavour. Despite this, it is present in all spheres, influences the stereotypes governing society, especially politics, as a social phenomenon.

All the prescriptions of morality have the character of ideals, with which it is worth coordinating all their actions. Morality evaluates the inner experience of actions. Politics, as such, is the most mundane object and purposeful. It focuses on the achievement of specific goals and results. The most essential feature of politics is its reliance on force and coercive sanctions for non-compliance. Morality is based mainly on sanctions of conscience.”

5 Writing Tips About Introduction from Professionals

If you are faced with such a difficult task, do not worry. Here are a few guidelines to help you think through your research introduction simply and easily.

  1. Formulate the research topic correctly. Do not take too broad a question for study. For example, if you are a fan of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, you should not take all of his work. Stop at a specific segment of his life or study the history of the creation of “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” If you are stuck on this task, ask your supervisor for help.
  2. Discuss the scope of work and the scope of the introduction for the study. Typically, it will be affected by the difficulty level. For example, a student to speak at a scientific conference must prepare about 20-30 pages of printed text. In the diploma project, research work can reach 100 sheets.
  3. Explore previous research on this topic. Compare them with your data and conclude. At the very beginning, formulate the purpose of the work and tasks. This will help with the conclusion. And in achieving tasks, it is much better when you formulate them clearly for yourself. Determine the relevance. List possible solutions to the problem. Before writing an introduction to research work, you should find out why you chose this particular topic.
  4. After writing it, it is imperative to review and determine whether the logical order, the sequence of the course of research or thoughts is not violated. And also work out the research summary. Summing up the work done, describing its merits correctly, and determining different paths in the chosen area is essential.
  5. But often, students remember the research paper introduction only towards the end of the semester. To get out of a difficulty or just to ease the writing process, our company offers custom-made research paper projects. Why do I need to ask for help to write my research papers? Working alone is possible, but teamwork is much more proficient. Delegating part of the work to an outside specialist is a rational way to prepare a research paper without compromising quality quickly.

Our paper writers will draw up a plan for the implementation of research work, select literature, develop a methodology, write the theoretical and practical parts of the work, and take all the nuances of design.

You will only have to indicate the adjustments that need to be made according to the supervisor’s recommendations. You can order research papers and development work without leaving your home. You just need to fill out an online application, and our specialist will contact you.

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