80 Best Biology Research Paper Topics in 2021

Updated: October 13, 2021

Biology is a discipline covering a large number of aspects. Each of them is unique and worthy of attention. It must be the main reason why students often weigh what topic to choose for their biology research paper. The relevant and well-chosen topic can become your key to success.

3 Tips on How to Choose a Topic For Biology Research

If you seek guidelines on simplifying your searching for the most appropriate biology topic for research, forget about the complex, extensive volume articles and stick to 3 essential tips. If you follow them, your chances of getting an A+ grade are tripled.

  1. Choose definitely what aspect your paper should cover.

Never try to write about everything. In most cases, it leads to failure to convey the main message of the work. It’s much better to choose a topic that you are interested in the most and on which you have enough resources to undertake thorough research. In general, your subject should not either be too broad or narrow. The aspect should be complete but have enough questions to discuss and answer.

  1. Pay more attention to analyzing.

There is a common misperception among students that a fundamental element of a stellar biology research paper is an excellent amount of information gathered. Undoubtedly, it is crucial. But if you do not analyze all the incomings properly, your essay will not be exciting and relevant. That’s why you should choose a biology topic that you are not just eager but also have a good background.

  1. Ask for professional advice.

In most cases, students have no idea what to write about. In such a case, there is a reasonable solution. Why not advise with a professor? If they can not choose a topic instead of you, you will undoubtedly understand the right direction. Constantly an effective way is applying for extra assistance from experts working online. You can place a request on one of the top trusted essay writing services, and specialists with vast expertise will help you immediately.

20 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics 2021

  1. The interdependence of the lifestyle and the state of the immune system
  2. Vaccination in the world: Its advantages and drawbacks
  3. Disorders in students’ psychology as the manifestation of the mob mentality
  4. Why do students face more and more difficulties with hormonal balance?
  5. COVID-19: How do current rates of globalization influence the spread of viruses and infections in the world?
  6. What are the primary triggers of obesity?
  7. Obesity as a visible indicator of serious health problems
  8. How to boost the immune system of a regular university student?
  9. What is the place of genetic engineering in 2021?
  10. Global ecological challenges we should tackle
  11. Extinct and endangered species: Is it the beginning of the end?
  12. Pesticides content in the foods as an issue of the 21st century
  13. Ozone holes: a manifestation of harmful actions of human beings
  14. Correlation between sleeping and the state of the immune system
  15. Why is stability crucial to maintain the excellent condition of a human organism?
  16. Biology as multidisciplinary and multidimensional science
  17. COVID-19 new strains as the most significant threat to the existence of all human beings
  18. How should vaccination be checked before people can buy
  19. The immune system as the determinant of a human state
  20. How do genetic codes mutate, and is it a significant issue nowadays?

20 Smart Topics For Biology Research Paper

  1. The place of endocrinology science in tackling problems with hormones disbalances
  2. The matter of the brain: Is it the most mysterious part of a human organism?
  3. Human soul: Where is it, and does it relate either to the brain or heart?
  4. Gender discrimination: How can biology discuss that?
  5. Pressure while a student and mental health: What is the interdependence?
  6. How can pets’ behavior depend on the character of their owners?
  7. Instincts of animals: Can we call a pet some mutant in that case?
  8. Neurons linkages and their impact on all processes in the human body?
  9. What does make a person stronger: brain or body?
  10. Global warming challenges in the 21st century: Why has 2021 become the hottest year ever?
  11. How to boost your memory: Alternative theories of 2021
  12. What is public opinion in terms of human perception of the world?
  13. What are the most significant developments in biology research in 2021?
  14. Are there microelements that the human body can not function without?
  15. How does addiction start in the mind of a person?
  16. What are the latest findings on changes in human cells?
  17. Can the organism of a person with bad habits fight a virus?
  18. The art of habits in the human brain
  19. Water and the human body: How to normalize the water balance in your organism?
  20. COVID-19: A product of artificial intelligence or a trigger of world globalization?

20 Serious Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Air pollution and human health: Why is it dangerous?
  2. The outcome of the pandemic in 2021
  3. How to prevent cancer at the early stages?
  4. Acid rain and its impact on the respiratory tract
  5. The matter of transplantation in 2021
  6. Medicine and pharmacy: How do they depend on each other?
  7. Can robots replace people?
  8. Melatonin is a hormone that can make you healthy
  9. How does favorite food correlate with a person’s character?
  10. The most effective way to set regular metabolic rate
  11. What causes depression?
  12. Why do a lot of new plant diseases appear?
  13. Should pets have a diet?
  14. The issue of animal testing
  15. Overfishing in the Atlantic ocean
  16. Deforestation and its damages
  17. What is the hypothesis on existing languages for animals?
  18. The place of donors around the world?
  19. The reasons for an increasing number of newborns’ illnesses
  20. Is the stable interdependence between the age of a person and the state of his organism?

20 Easy Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. How does the human brain work?
  2. What is the place of the endocrinology system for the body?
  3. Neurons and their influence on the behavior of a person
  4. How fast can a person become accustomed to a new environment?
  5. Stress in college and university: How to solve this problem?
  6. Heart diseases and their effect on the weight of the body
  7. Artificial intelligence: Why do people need it?
  8. What is more significant in human life, need or want?
  9. What are the most common causes of constant headaches?
  10. Visible triggers of depression
  11. How to make your brain stronger?
  12. Stamina and neurons
  13. Genes and diseases
  14. Why is pathology no longer something new?
  15. Principle of natural selection
  16. Biologists that have changed the mind of many men
  17. Hemoglobin or organism ability to fight
  18. How does the brain perceive the attempts of hypnosis?
  19. Correlation between steroids consumption and memory state
  20. Spread of viruses: How fast can it be?

Need Help With Research Paper Topics About Biology?

Still, are you embarrassed about how to choose an appropriate topic? No problems at all! Stick to three essential tips in the guide above or entrust professionals with your work. Feel how cool it is when you have perfect grades while enough free time!

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